This is the true story of my HERO.

In December of 2011 my sister Margo was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  At the time she was just 24 years old and recently engaged; she had her entire life ahead of her. For nine grueling months she fought for her life with every ounce of her being, never without a smile one her face. She shared the cruel, often disappointing, reality of this unfair disease via a blog. Following her passing I felt strongly that her story should not end with her death. For that reason, I decided to continue her story. Come along for the journey of my sisters life prior to cancer, during cancer, and my families life without her.

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  1. I saw Margo on SYTD and was in shock at the end. She had the most positive attitude and was so ready to begin her new life with her best friend. After reading her blog and the rest of the pages on this site, it is obvious what an amazing young woman she was and what a difference she made in the lives of the people she knew. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

  2. Like almost everyone else here I just finished watching the episode and immediately googled your sister. I have a similar situation but somehow reversed. My fiancé of 10 years has been battling Colon cancer for 6 years and seeing Margo’s spirit and positivity reminded me a lot of him. The end of the episode was a shock to me, I’m still sobbing. Your sister really inspired me to hope and keep on living and understand how my fiancé thinks. Your sister has touched the heart of a complete stranger from the other half of the world and I will forever remember her.

  3. Just watched the episode of syttd and I was struck by your wonderful sister. She appeared so strong and courageous and I, like many other viewers wanted her to win her fight and live a long and happy life with her fiance. When the episode was ending and I saw that she had died, it hurt and saddened me. She has taught me to be strong with whatever deal you’ve been dealt and never give up!! May she rest in peace.

    • Stay strong! Its the worst feeling in the world to loose a close familiy member/friend and I pray that God’s love helps to heal you and your family. I lost my mom when I was 16 to lung cancer, and I don’t think I have been the same since. But, life moves on, whether we want it too or not. Again, stay strong!

  4. A few days away from giving birth and I’m at home playing the waiting game and watching episodes of SYTTD on YouTube. Like so many of the ppl who have commented here, I too googled Margo’s name and came upon her blog.

    I was captivated by her spirit, warmth and attitude that she exuded from the first time she was shown on screen. It was infectious and she looked beautiful in all the dresses she tried on. I was saddened to see that she had passed away and my heart went out to her parents, siblings, husband and all those that she had an impact on. We might live on opposite ends of the world and come from completely different backgrounds, however, a loss like this is a loss to humanity.

    May the good memories that you have of Margo serve as a balm to soothe the pain of her loss.

  5. I was watching SYTD and seen Margo looking for her dream dress and I was so inspired by her courage and how much energy she gave off and I was so happy to see the footage of her getting married and I prayed that she would get through her battle with cancer and beat it, but sadly at the end I broke out in tears because it said she passed away:( I wish the best for the family. God bless you guys

  6. Like so many viewers I recently saw an episode of SYTD and was instantly inspired by Margo’s stregnth, courage and beautiful spirit. I was absolutely stunned at the end of the episode when I learned that she had died shortly after the wedding. I can’t believe how much she has touched me despite the fact that we have never even met. I still tear up when I think of the footage shown on her wedding day. I wish the best for her family

  7. Just saw your Sister on SYTD and she made the most beautiful bride!! I couldn’t stop crying after listening to her courageous story. My family has been touched by cancer too many times, but we have become stronger in the end. May your sister Fly free in Heaven ALWAYS!!

  8. To begin, I’m so very sorry for your loss.

    The part of the show with your sister in it had me sobbing right as I saw her face. I saw myself in her. I was diagnosed with Leukemia and has to deal with the unforgiving chemo, as well as a bone marrow transplant. I, too, tried to smile through the entire process. But to see that she passed so soon after, just made me lose it. I constantly ponder, ‘why did I make it, so far, and not her?’ There’s no answer to questions like these, but we have to think that’s there’s a reason for it. We may never know the answer, but we have to trust in God’s decisions. I truly hope you and your family are able to smile more than cry as tome goes on. My heart goes out to all of you.

  9. I just finished viewing an episode of SYTD, and I was crying through out the show because I was amazed at her optimism and strength. Like others, I assumed she went on to have a happy life, cancer free and then I saw the picture at the end with her passing date. I immediately stopped what I was doing and began crying! And then all of a sudden, I had this overwhelming compulsion to find out more about her. Like many, I googled her and found your blog, I was so saddened and touched. I’m so sorry for your loss, I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I will not say more, but I will say this, the only thing I have been thinking about for the last two hours is your darling sister, Margo…..

  10. I just saw the SYTD episode. Shocked and saddened to see the ending. Searching the internet to learn more about your amazing sister, and cannot thank you enough for all your family has shared about your sister’s journey. It boggles my mind that this can happen that fast to someone so young and healthy. I certainly am appreciative of your amazing sister’s strength and courage to share her battle. In tears reading the blog entries from you and your mom and sister, but I am overjoyed that your sister got to experience what sounds like a beautiful wedding.
    Thank you again for sharing the story with everyone. Your sister has made a meaningful impact on my life and has reminded me to live each moment with a greater appreciation for the time with have to share with family and friends.
    ~Kristi in California

  11. I just saw your sister’s episode of SYTTD…what an absolutely beautiful person, both inside and out. She had the most positive and beautiful attitude towards life and I was so sure she had all the strength needed to win her horrible battle. I was so saddened in the end to see “In memory of Margo Mallory Ambler…” I so badly wanted a miracle for her. I must say though it is a beautiful thing that she did get to fulfill her dream of marrying the man of her dreams. Reminds me of “A Walk to Remember”. I hope that your sister’s beautiful outlook on life was passed on to you to you to help you and your family find the courage and strength to keep living not just her dreams but your life as well. Thank you for sharing.
    ~Heather in California

  12. My husband and sons are at soccer, so I had some time to myself. I just finished watching your beautiful sister buy her dream gown. I cried from the start of the show, and am still crying now. What a beautuful, inspirational, strong young woman Margo was and continues to be for many people.
    Please know that a bright star now shines down on all of you. Margo and your family dog are together, sending you all love and strength every day. She was very lucky to have such a beautiful family.
    Now I will go hug my dog, and when my family comes home I will tell them all how much I love them.
    Nancy in Montreal

  13. Saw Mallory – so beautiful before and during her wedding. And also you, her twin. I’m a twin and almost lost my sister to a car accident. I empathize with what it means to see your only witness (they were there all the time) in pain and recovery. I celebrate the fact that she, Mallory, knew and had love.

  14. I’ve see Margo’s episode three times now and I think it’s finally time to express my amazement at the bravery and optimism of your beautiful sister. She fought such a brave fight and I absolutely loved to see her so happy on her wedding day. I was so so shocked to see what happened at the end. I would also like to recognize her brave, selfless husband for marrying her although he knew her fate. God bless him. That is true love. My prayers to you and your sweet family.

  15. You know I think it is amazing how many people have watched SYTTD and then immediately googled your sister when the “in memory of” popped up.. This really shows what type of spirit and personality your sister had and the affect on people who were just watching her on television was amazing…I was so saddened to hear of your sisters passing…I felt kind of a connection with her story because we went thought he same thing with my mother when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Fortunately my mother beat the cancer, but passed away a year and a half ago from complications that arose due to the chemo and radiation and the scarred tissue that was left in her body. Cancer is a a horrible disease that hopefully some day can be cured. It is a disease that has taken to many wonderful people including my mother at too young of an age and way before their time. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family for the lost of such a wonderful person.

  16. Just saw Margo on SYTD. I don’t even watch the show but seeing her I wanted to watch the episode and was really excited hoping she fought and won…then the picture of her and her husband at the end and my heart dropped. She was so beautiful in person and in spirit. My condolences. Margo was and always will be an inspiring woman.

  17. I was watching the episode of Say Yes to the Dress with my daughter when my son walked in and was interested in why this beautiful young girl was bald. When I told him,, he sat with us to watch the show. We were happy to see her on her wedding day looking beautiful and happy. My children looked at me in utter shock when they say her picture at the end with the date 2012. I told them that she lost her courageous fight to cancer and they wanted me to write this. She is an angel in heaven, forever beautiful and smiling down on all of us. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

  18. I just saw THE episode with your sister. The end was absolutely shocking….I was sure that everything you all hoped for her had come true. I’m so sorry…..

  19. I just finished watching your courageous sister choose her dress and her beautiful wedding. I was shocked/ saddened to see the post about her passing. She looked radiant, her smile was beautiful . I am a retired chemo nurse and really was touched by her stamina, positive attitude. It was obvious just how beautiful she was before and after her diagnosis. I am so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing her story as an inspiration to others battling cancer and for their families also.

  20. i just finished watching your sister, she was a strong and avery beautiful bride. I was deeply saddened with the post about her passing. I liked her attitude and how courageous and happy she was. her story inspired a person from across the world. I’m really sorry for your loss, and may God bless her Soul.

  21. I have also seen the say yes to the dress episode with your sister, she was so beautiful and inspiring, I was shocked when I read she wasn’t there anymore.. Lots of strength to you, her family and husband

  22. I saw the SYTTD episode and googled your sister after I saw the sad “In memory of” at the end of the show. I am very sorry for your family and the loss of such an energetic, loving spirit. I also feel very sad for Derek for losing his wife.

  23. I, like everyone else, was in shock when the episode of SYTTD showed the “In Memory Of” at the end. I grabbed my remote and paused it for about 5 minutes as I stared at the picture of her and her husband looking so very happy. Watching that episode of her trying on dresses, her attitude, the beautiful smile on her face…she is all inspiration to me. I sobbed and am still sobbig. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. What an amazing woman.

  24. I just watched the SYTD in Italy, they just aired your sister episode… I found myself thinking about the lovely smile she had, she was a very beautiful girl, always smiling despite the obstacles and always positive. I lost one of my best friends this year for a cancer, and it was a shock for me so I can somehow understand the way you all feel… I want to let you know that my thoughts and prayers go to all of you and to her husband… Stay strong and hope you’ll receive my love from overseas…

  25. I was just watching your sister’s episode, and I am only ten minutes in. I got online to look up her last name so I could reach out to her on twitter etc and tell her what a beautiful bride she was when I came across this. I am so deeply sorry for you and your family’s loss. My heart is truly broken. I don’t think I could even still picture a more perfect bride.

  26. I just finished watching SYTTD also, and being that i have been battling cancer for the last ten years believe it or not it never gets easier. After watching your sister find “the” dress and watch her adorable husband talk about how in love he was made me so happy for them. The ending literally crushed me. I’m so sorry for your loss and almost feel guilt that I’m still here when others lose their battle in such a short time. I am very happy though that her family was able to watch her walk down the aisle. God bless your family. You certainly have a beautiful angel looking over your shoulders.

  27. I just watched this beautiful woman on SYTDD and was blown away by her attitude and courage.. Then to see ‘in memory of..’ at the show’s end literally reduced me to tears! As the mother of a 24 year old, this really hit me hard.. What a beautiful spirit Margo had… What a loss…

  28. I am so sorry for your loss. Your sister has touched so many people’s lives, and most of us only got a glimpse of her life for 15 minutes of footage on a television show! That should be a testament to the incredible personality that she had–what an inspiration for all of us. Like several of the people who have previously commented, I was devastated to learn of her death at the end of the episode, and I have NEVER been compelled to search online for someone on a reality show until seeing HER! Her soul was so inviting and so courageous that I just needed to know more. Your sister’s spirit will live on, and she will continue to encourage and inspire others for years to come.

  29. Just saw your sister on an episode of SYTTD she was an amazing woman and a beautiful soul, I felt so bad at the end they showed “In Memory Of” My thoughts and prayer go out to you and your family.

  30. I sit here sobbing after watching an episode of SYTD featuring Margo. She is truly an inspiration, an example of the way the world should be, the way we all should live. I too lost my sister/very best friend to breast cancer a few years ago. I still miss her desperately everyday. She was also one of those angels set here on earth for a brief time touching those of us privileged to have known her. I have no doubt Dede (my sister) and Margo have become great friends in heaven (as it seems they were two of a kind!) and are watching over us all. I believe, as much as it hurts so to miss them, those rare, special angels get called back to paradise just a little sooner, after all, they deserve no less than paradise!

  31. Hello, I just finished watching the episode on SYTTD. I was overcome by Margo’s spirit and drive to be stronger than her illness. Such an incredibly brave woman. I was so sad to see that she had passed. I am so sorry for your loss.

  32. Hi, I’m 11years old and I just watch the episode of SYTTD with ur sister and was broken down in tears when I found she had passed. I hope she rest in peace and is happy on the other side. I love her braveness and how determine she was. She will always be in my heart.

  33. Hello, I just watched episode of SYTTD with your beautiful sister. I was so inspired by her spirit and beauty! She was so brave and strong. It broke my heart when I saw the ending. I am so sorry for you and your familes loss. She has touched so many lives with her story and her spirit! What an amazing young woman with an amazing family!

  34. Wow just saw the episode of sytd and was so sad at the end. It’s amazing to see how many people googled her after seeing the episode. She exuded so much positivity and light in that episode I can imagine how her life was. So sad to hear.

  35. I just watched the syttd episode with your awesome sister. She just glowed in her dress and that smile! What can I say. We were clapping and cheering when we saw her wedding and then crushed at the end. The term ” heart sick” is how we felt. How could someone in 30 minutes make you feel so connected with her.. Who knows but it happened. Thank You to you her family for sharing Margo with the world. You gave us all a wonderful gift.

  36. As the majority of people I saw Margo on an episode of SYTD and was at the gym during the episode. I was completely shocked and heartbroken when they put … in loving memory of Margo… I nearly fell off the piece of equipment and instantly felt ill as tears rolled down my face. She was not only beautiful but a huge inspiration and such a beautiful personality. My heart goes out to her fiancée family and most of her twin sister who’s lost part of herself.

  37. I just saw your sister on Say Yes. My prayers are with you and your family. I am happy that she was able to marry the love of her life and enjoy that moment with loved ones. I pray that the family relishes in her memory. I lost both of my parents to cancer so I know how tough loss can be. May the fact that your sister is watching over you and the family from above give you peace.

  38. I could replicate everything that everyone else has already said about this young woman, but then that would just be redundant. So I’ll just say this bless her heart, I was both moved and touched by spirit and her exuberance for life. Bless her family especially the twin sister that she left behind to continue to carry the torch that exemplified the brilliance that was her life. God bless you Blaine.

  39. I could replicate everything that everyone else has already said about this young woman, but then that would just be redundant. So I’ll just say this bless her heart, I was both moved and touched by her spirit and her exuberance for life. Bless her family especially the twin sister that she left behind to continue to carry the torch that exemplified the brilliance that was her life. God bless you Blaine.

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